Educational Speaking Event – Hearing & Hearing Loss

At Caley House on July 26th at 3:00 PM


DRericBarrettDr. Eric Barrett is Board Certified in Audiology by the American Board of Audiology and licensed to practice in Minnesota. Originally from Southern Michigan, he completed his bachelor’s degree at Central Michigan University and earned his doctorate in audiology at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Dr. Barrett has practiced in a variety of settings including hearing clinics, hearing aid offices, private residences, and in over 25 countries during missions with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Dr. Barrett is currently on staff with Fairview and manages the hearing clinic in Elk River.

Dr. Barrett believes strongly in raising public awareness about the risks of hearing loss and practical solutions for those affected. He focuses his presentations on the basics of how hearing works, common causes of hearing loss, and the most effective treatment strategies that have allowed his patients to stay connected to their loved ones and the world they live in.