Frank meets Lillie for the first time!

An instant connection of pure delight as Frank swoops Lillie into his arms. Frank and Grace recently moved into Caley and have enjoyed making new acquaintances and reconnecting with some old acquaintances, today Frank meets Lillie for the first time.

Lillie comes to visit at Caley 1 to 2 times a week and the residents all know her by name and want to hold her. Lillie belongs to our Elim Dietitian (Paula) and they anticipate her weekly visits. Lillie is a 5 year old Maltese and has been coming to visit Elim since she was 4 months old .

The power of touch is profound, It heals, connects, nourishes and soothes. It is a fundamental part of the human experience and can nurture relationships. At Caley, we have visiting pets that give so much through the power of touch.

Thank you, Paula, for sharing Lillie with us and bringing joy to our clients.