In October we celebrated some special milestones, gathered as a community and prepared for fall.

100 Years Loved!!!

A conversation overheard between our two 100 year olds before lunch one day.

Verna says to Ethel with a smile, I’m the oldest one here, I’m 100 years old! Ethel smiles back at her and says, really, I’m 100 years old too! Verna says, you are, what’s the chance of that happening? And they both laugh!
Ethel then asks Verna when her birthday is and Verna tells her with a big smile, my birthday is July 24th. Ethel smiles and touches Verna’s hand and say’s, my birthday is January 2nd. Verna’s smile starts to fade as she say’s to Ethel, I guess I lost my crown…. Ethel replies back to her saying, not at all, we both have made it to 100, we have something over all of them young ones here! They both laugh and agree and then head on into lunch.

Our “Night to Unite” chili feed on October 26, 2018 was a big success, our dining room and common areas were full! It was so wonderful to see our residents spend an evening with their families. All the smiles, laughing and fellowship filled Caley House with such a beautiful melody! Our residents are so blessed to have so many people who love and care about them!

chili_cook chili_cook2

As fall blows in we are creating some fun fall crafts!


We have been trying our hand at creative painting. These are our first paintings. We have a great idea for a winter painting!

fall_painting fall_painting2